I'm new to the AMRA, how do I join?

Follow the Join link in the top menu bar to become a member.  Several different membership levels are available.  Determine which class you plan compete in or whether you are joining as a crew member or supporting Associate member and fill out the application.  Online checkout is available and you're membership packet will arrive in 7-10 days.

What types of racing classes are available?

The AMRA hosts 19 different competing classes of motorcycles from Top Fuel to Street Trophy.  Below is a short description of each class and more detailed information is contained within the Rule Book.

How much does it cost to race?

Below is the fee structure for each of our competing classes.  This is the cost per event to enter a bike in competition.

Nitro/Fuel Classes:

Top Fuel - Tech: $300
Nitro FunnyBike - Tech: $200
Pro Fuel – Tech: $150

Professional Gas Classes:

Pro Gas – Tech: $100
Pro Mod – Tech: $75
Modified – Tech: $50
Outlaw Street – Tech: $50
Super Comp 8.90 – Tech: $40
Top Eliminator 9.30 – Tech: $40
Super Gas 9.90 – Tech: $40
Hot Street – Tech: $40
Super Street – Tech: $40
Dresser – Tech: $40

Professional Street Classes:
Super Pro 10.30 – Tech: $40
Pro Eliminator 10.90 – Tech: $40
Street Eliminator 11.50 – Tech: $40
Dial-In Eliminator – Tech: $40

Trophy Street: $20.00 – No Points – Trophy
Trophy Street is split into two classes at each event. Heads-Up and Dial-In

** NOTE:  Nitro/Fuel and Professional Gas classes require either an appropriate, valid NHRA license or a valid AMRA license.  License runs will be required to obtain either and can be arranged with the help of our administration.

What is the structure of the races??

All races are 2 day (Saturday-Sunday) events [except in special cases].  Saturday starts with a morning Test and Tune session and the 3 rounds of qualifying which established the eliminations ladder.  Sunday begins, again, with an open Test and Tune session followed by a Riders Meeting, Open Ceremonies and then directly into eliminations.  Rounds are run as single-round eliminations with no Buy-Backs.